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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Blog Written + Ideas Curated By: Carley Ruff | Day of Details | St. Petersburg, FL Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

We get it -- finding unique and fun ways to make your wedding more memorable can be a job in itself. You want to show your personality through your wedding in a tasteful way, Here are 6 unique guest sign-in ideas to make your guests swoon! As much as we love the classic sign-in guest book and polaroid photo guest book, some may want to try something different and more meaningful for them as a couple. Read below to see some options for your wedding day!

1. For those who shred the gnar...

If you and your partner love to ski or snowboard, this guest sign-in idea is for you! Have your guests sign a pair of skies (or a snowboard) that you can then use as a decor piece in your home or cabin. It is a great way to show your love for the mountains with your guests in a tasteful way -- no ski lift required!

2. For sports fans...

This concept is for the sports enthusiasts! Does your partner want to incorporate their favorite past time into their big day? Have your guests 'autograph' something! Football fan? Provide some footballs to sign. Hockey fan? Bring some pucks and a silver marker for your guests to sign. The options are limitless and are great ways to collect all your loved one's names on something fun and memorable!

3. For the music lovers...

I must say, this is one of my favorite options for a guest sign-in. I personally love record players (I have one in my apartment) and the idea of having records to display with the names of my wedding guests seems like a no brainer! It is a unique way to show your love for music and guests love the concept. This option tops the charts!

4. For the surfer dudes...

Have a lot of guests attending and need something with A LOT of space for names / well wishes? Love to surf and ride the waves? Or do you just love the beach-y esthetic? This guest sign-in option is perfect for all of the above. Plus, how cute would this signed surfboard look in your home or beach house? Memories to last a lifetime!

5. For nostalgia...

If you are having a classic or vintage wedding and want something unique for guests to leave their messages, try a typewriter as your guest book! It is a hands-on way for guests to take a step back in time and leave you a thoughtful message that you can keep forever! Guests love the experience and it looks great on the sign-in table! Plus, how cute is it to have little notes from your loved ones waiting for you!

6. For something different...

Again, this is a top choice for me, because it is really so different and really, really a cool concept. Instead of having something handwritten or a photo to look back on post-wedding, what about a voice message from a loved one? You will cherish hearing the voice from someone special to you for years to come. Plus, it is another interactive and FUN way for guests to partake in the wedding. I love to watch guests use this and it looks adorable in photos!

Do you have any other fun guest sign-in ideas you'd like to share? We are all about hearing new ideas and concepts to show our couples! Email us to share!

*These photos are not owned by Day of Details and have been taken from the internet. If you are looking for more planning ideas or need some wedding day assistance, reach out of Day of Details for day-of wedding coordination services!

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