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Posted by Carley Ruff | Day of Details Coordination | St. Petersburg, FL on 09.10.2022

The age old question -- "I want to have my wedding in Florida, but I don't know WHEN to have it?"

Day of Details, a year-round wedding coordination company located in St. Petersburg, Florida, knows the perks and disadvantages of each season. Below, you will find more information about each season and what it means to having a Florida wedding during that specific season. There are pro's and con's to each season and we lay it out for you!

WINTER (December - March)

My personal favorite time of the year in Florida -- winter! During the winter season, you can expect mild, dry weather and even some cold snaps (aka it gets into the 40's -- OMG). With this being said, if you are looking to have a beach wedding and want to wear flip flops and a lightweight dress, think again. It does get cold here some days, you want to make sure you and your guest are wearing the proper attire. Also, if you plan on having a winter wedding, make sure you are not fighting against the holiday and early spring break crowds. You will love your winter Florida wedding, but accommodate your wedding for unexpected chilly weather!

PROS CONS - Mild + dry weather. - Can get fairly chilly -- cold snaps! - Chilly weather! - Starting to get into 'season' aka larger crowds and busy beaches. - Any color scheme works! - Holiday travel can be expensive and busy!


SPRING (March - June)

SUMMER (June - September)

FALL (September - December)

Looking to get married in the Tampa Bay region and need someone to execute your wedding day while you sit back and relax? Day of Details, a day-of wedding and events coordination company, works with couples who've planned their wedding day, but need someone to come in and execute their vision on the day-of. Whether its a fall, winter, spring, or summer wedding, we've got you!

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